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  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago peteria Level 14 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    That is very cool, well done. How do you make that speed build and how long did it really take you.Did you convert those lxf files into Studio io files and turn them into a PDF file? Great job.I will put the link to your YouTube channel at my regards,Peter de Vette
  • 4 weeks ago peteria Level 14 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    I could add an example of the instructions but there are already pictures and videos on it.
    You think the asking price is a bit expensive for an LXF file.
    You can safely think that, but I think it is a reasonable price.
    best regards,Peter de Vette
  • 4 weeks, 1 day ago peteria Level 14 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    (1) Thank you(2) Why spent two days making constructable instructions, you could have built the entire crane at that time.(3) You expected pdf files or a photo series, the sales description states, (Building instructions (Lego Digital Designer LXF), price Euro 20, -) (Please note that the necessary experience is required for working with Lego Digital Designer.)(4) You designed a new chassis because you missed parts. Have you used the most recent version of LDD (Version 4.3.11 Brick version 2470) because with me the turntables, the engines and the 14720 frames are really there.(5) You have spent twelve hours adjusting the instructions. In this time frame you could have built the entire crane.!(6) For all sub-models you have changed to the correct bou order. You should have started building right in the right order (experience requied).(7) Turntables, engines and frames 14720 are included. 2 items 87082 I forgot sorry.(8) Turntables with only 2 32054 locked because no 4 32054 fit in from the middle. With a beam there are also no pins in all holes.(9) The lifting wire simply runs through the tower. You can of course adjust.(10) Of course you can also add a battery.(11) Success in building and making speedbuild, that's something you are working on.With kind regards,Peter de Vette