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  • 4 months ago kejv2 (13387) MOC Designer PRO
    I love the classic looks of your tug boat! It would be even greater if you also used only the parts from that period (90s and before) :-)
  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago kejv2 (13387) MOC Designer PRO
    This is consistently great work. I just wonder if you manage to build the models in real. If yes do you perhaps have some pictures to share?
  • 5 months, 3 weeks ago kejv2 (13387) MOC Designer PRO
    Nice job given the limited parts selection.

    Also I really admire your invention and patience with the dummy brick-built pullback motor. It's strange, however, that established ldraw based editors (such as LDCad) render that part without any problems... Perhaps you could check those out as well?
  • 6 months ago kejv2 (13387) MOC Designer PRO
    These motors are over 30 years old. I also own several of them and most of them still work flawlessly! This amazing quality is one of the things which pulled me back to Lego after my dark ages.
  • 7 months ago kejv2 (13387) MOC Designer PRO
    Can it possibly fly (according to natural laws)? :-)