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  • 2 months, 4 weeks ago Sletschin (81K) PRO
    The part has been added. For more information, see the extensive report on New Elementary.
  • 3 months ago Sletschin (81K) PRO
    I think so as well. The official part count is 1177 and we currently only have 1129 in the system. Unfortunately, I don't own this set and given the digital only directions require you to sync a Boost Hub first can't get it from there. If you own this set and can provide the corrections, please submit a Change Request (bottom of right sidebar or comments tab on mobile). Rebrickable is always made better with the contributions of us all!
  • 3 months ago Sletschin (81K) PRO
    The yellow parts are used for a third variant - a Battle Droid Commander. The red version is for Security Battle Droids. If you check the link to the Brick Instructions building instructions on the right sidebar (or the Info tab on mobile devices) you should see this as a second B model starting on page 77.
  • 3 months ago Sletschin (81K) PRO
    Welcome to Rebrickable!

    In this case, it is actually a "non-LEGO part" - the 27091 sticker sheet. I can be sure of that because there are no Minifig parts in this set. 

    You can confirm this by clicking the "Change Build Options" on the "Build this MOC" page, toggling the "Exclude Non-Buildable LEGO parts such as stickers, gear, etc." option and then clicking "Re-run Build with new options".

    Once you've had a chance to see all the assorted ways you can find new builds in your collection using the options on that screen, you can get to the really fun part...getting out the parts from your collection and building! Enjoy!
  • 3 months, 1 week ago Sletschin (81K) PRO
    Welcome to Rebrickable! Thank you for joining the community and providing useful information like this. Now that you have reached Level 3, you can (and are encouraged) to submit changes like this using the "Submit Change Request" link located at the bottom of the right sidebar (on tablets and PCs) or the comments tab (mobile devices). Those submissions are reacted to much quicker than the comments fields. In this case, I have submitted a CR to the admin on your behalf. Again, welcome and thank you!