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  • 4 months, 4 weeks ago Heaventree (2954) MOC Designer
    I especially like the T-shirt...for those of us who don’t speak Dutch: I don’t need therapy, I just need to build LEGO.
    I must say, I would have never thought LEGO would be an ‘official’ therapy. I myself have been diagnosed with autism at age 37, and have been buying/collecting LEGO again since a few years (I think 60051 was the start again, birthday present). But I have played with LEGO a lot in my youth. The whole attic at my parents house was a big city. In hindsight, that was a nice place to get rid of over-stimulation.
    I myself find the building relaxing, for my wife (also diagnosed, and using this account) the sorting helps.
  • 5 months, 1 week ago Heaventree (2954) MOC Designer
    Nice to see that scratch works better in Dutch than English 😇.
    But, on topic I guess, while I was reading this, I started thinking. The good thing about the 12V era was the controllability, with remote operated signals, decoupling, switches etcetera. And it occurred to me, with this BlueTooth connectivity, LEGO (or enthusiasts) could make that era come alive again. Build a Bluetooth receiver and a servo motor (if I get my motor types correct, sorry if i’m Mistaken) into a switch, and you have the functionality back again. That would be great.
  • 6 months ago Heaventree (2954) MOC Designer
    Small country 😁. North to south is about 300 km, east to west about 200. And a lot of highways, helps too.
  • 6 months ago Heaventree (2954) MOC Designer
    I have only ordered at toypro before (funny, you from Australia, ordering at a store in ‘my’ small the Netherlands). I guess that’s not the one you blacklisted, because I was most happy with the delivery, both correctness and speed. Then again, internal Dutch mail is ok in speed, and the store is about 1 hour away.
  • 7 months ago Heaventree (2954) MOC Designer
    According to a previous post of the designer, the total length is 153,6 cm. I can’t help you with the rest though.