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Hej everybody, this year, 2020, there will not be a lot of new stuff from me. I am on sabbatical in Costa Rica, so far away from my Lego. If you're curious about the sabbatical, then check out


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  • 1 week, 3 days ago Frank_van_der_Most Level 12 MOC Designer
    Thanks for your elaborate reply, Kueden! I think I have the most recent version, but maybe it is because I am running on a mac. For now it is not so urgent because I am halfway across the globe from my Lego for a year because of a sabbatical.
    For sure, I am not irritated by loose hanging wheels. I think having the software controlling them is good design. After all, why have a computer and then insisting on exclusively mechanical solutions? What you do is very creative in combining the possibilities of the hardware and the software!
  • 1 week, 4 days ago Frank_van_der_Most Level 12 MOC Designer
    Very nice and original work, Kueden! Interesting experiments! How did you get to the idea to experiment with this concept of relative-rotation-steering?
    PS I checked the lxf file. It seems that the steering mechanism is missing, i.e. the parts that hold the wheels in their respective places. I had an error message when opening the file on my mac. Maybe that explains it, maybe they are separate issues.
  • 2 months ago Frank_van_der_Most Level 12 MOC Designer
    Thanks for letting me know and good that gravity is so kind to the star! Great that your guests appreciate the star!