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  • 2 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
    Hi McGyverek,
    the writing success depends on the type of pen you use and the height and pressure you adjust the pen to.
    However, as stated in the instructions, you will get the best and most consistent results if you use the dot matrix function to generate letters. 
    I amcurrentlytravelling and will check the code after my return, again.
  • 3 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
    HI Yannis,
    I do not speak much french, so I will answer in english. The problem you are having (not all programming blocks are displayed) is very common to many users of the App nowadays. The app recently perfomed an update and some programming blocks got lost during that update. For most users, it helped to uninstall and re-install the app (on iOS). The windows app seems to have some more severe problems which can not be solved with a simple re-install. According to the Lego Customer Service, the windows app will be discontinued.
    I hope I was able to help. If you like the book, I would be pleased if you could leave a comment on Amazon.

    Happy Play! 
  • 3 weeks, 1 day ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
    Hi Khaled,
    the Ball-Booster is the most difficult built as it is quite voluminous and you have to think a little bit 3D. All the other models are build much simpler. Especially the 2nd model (Bob-It-Booster) is very easy to build.
    Coming to your problem: The "remote control" lever in the blue rectangular 6x4 technic brick is to be placed on two studs of the black 6x2 sloped brick. The two black pins of the 3L axle-pin have to go into the holes in the vertically mounted blue rectangular 6x2 technic on the Boost hub. If you look at it from a different angle on step 21 it should come clear how it belongs together.
    Anyway, I added two pictures for better clarity: 

    If this was not enough, please send some more detailed description of your problem or a picture to my e-mail address (see PN).
  • 4 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
    HI Nicolaus,
    it is a normal 3x3x3 cube. The standard mesurement of the cube is 5,7cm (2 1/4") each side.
  • 4 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
    Hi Daewon,
    thanks for your interest in the model. I guess you are looking for the orange brick wich gives the position of the motor B rotation. You can find this programming block within the orange menu (2nd from the left) as one of the blocks further to the right of the menu.
    If this didn't help, you can also write me an e-mail with a screenshot of your problem to the e-mail-address mentioned on the first pages of the book. I can then also answer with a screenshot of how to solve your problem. In some cases, some blocks do not appear in the app after an update has been performed. In this case, a re-install of the app has helped a few users.
    If I was able to help and if you like the book, I would be pleased, if you could post a comment on Amazon. Many Thanks & Happy play!