Miniscale Star Wars B-wing Starfighter




Expanded universe material states that when the Galatic Empire designs theNebulon-B frigate to protect its convoys from Rebel Alliance X-wing fighters and Y-wing, the Rebels respond by constructing the B-wing. The Verpine, supervised by Ackbar. design and arm the fighter to engage capital ships. The B-wing's gyrostabilized cockpit allows the pilot to maintain a consistent horizon while the craft's body rotates around it. The B-wing is the largest and most powerful fighter designed by the Rebel Alliance, and it is generally viewed as the successor to the older Y-wing fighter/bomber. B-wings have powerful shields which are considerably stronger than the shields featured on most Imperial or Rebel fighter designs, and they are armed with a greater variety of weapons. B-wings participate at the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi and in numerous other engagements throughout the Star Wars Expanded Universe.
The famous B-wing Starfighter now comes in mini Lego form!
- 360° rotation cockpit
- Foldable wings
For such an iconic Starwars ship like B-wing, this should be included in many Star Wars fans' collections . This miniscale ship can also be a great decoration for anyone's desk or bookself.
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Name Miniscale Star Wars B-wing Starfighter
Designer Ludicolo
Designed 2017
Inventory 89 parts
Theme Star Wars
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