This is a scale model of the Aston Martin DB11. It has the folowing features:

- Independent suspension on all wheels
- Steering with functional steeringwheel and HoG in the back
- Swiveling frontlights (right lamp turns right when steering right, left light turns left when steering left)
- LED lights front and rear
- Sequential gearbox operated with paddles next to the steering wheel and HoG in the rear. It is an 8D+N+R gearbox (ie eight speeds forward, one reverse and one neutral).
- Highly detailed V12 fake engine
- Adjustable front chairs (forward, backward and tilting backrest)
- Aerobrake in the back coupled to the gearbox
- Opening doors, bonnet and tail


Name Aston Martin DB11
Designer Jeroen Ottens
Designed 2017
Parts 2931
Theme Technic
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Building Instructions For Sale

This is a Premium MOC, and the instructions to build it are being sold by the designer for €20.00

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Submitted by charlieca00907 PRO Sept. 10, 2017
Submitted by onion81 Sept. 3, 2017
Submitted by onion81 Sept. 3, 2017
Submitted by Phil_D July 8, 2017