Backwash Saloon - 79109 MOD




This western-style building features removable floors to access the interior along with plenty of details. The saloon is named after / supposed to include the Lego Movie mini-figures Sudds Backwash (as the bartender) & Root Beer Belle (as the piano woman).

Fictional background:

Built just after the First Imperial Bank was completed in early 1891, the Backwash Saloon was named after the founder Robert Backwash. Contrary to it's disgusting sounding name, the saloon was the cleanest and safest (no guns allowed!) west of the Mississippi River. In 1920 the Saloon switched to selling root beer & soda-pop because of Prohibition. The amendment was repealed in 1933, but the alcohol has stayed off the menu board and out of the Saloon to this day. The current owner is fourth-generation Saloon operator Sudds Backwash and his wife Belle, who operates the piano during regular hours.


This building now has a neon sign spelling out the word "Saloon". I though long and hard on how to make the letter N, though it does look a bit different from the rest of the sign.

I hope you like it!

Also, I have this building in real life now, minus the new sign. The old sign that was centered above the corner doesn't work in real life. I don't know why LDD allowed it in the first place, as it is an illegal build.
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Name Backwash Saloon - 79109 MOD
Designer Murdoch17
Designed 2014
Inventory 1299 parts
Theme The LEGO Movie
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