Apollo Spacecraft




This is a model of the Apollo Spacecraft.

The Apollo Spacecraft was composed of three parts designed to accomplish the American Apollo program's goal of landing astronauts on the Moon by the end of the 1960s and returning them safely to Earth. The spacecraft consisted of a combined Command and Service Module and an Lunar Module.

The design was based on the lunar orbit rendezvous approach: two docked spacecraft were sent to the Moon and went into lunar orbit. While the Lunar Module separated and landed, the Command and Service Module remained in orbit. After the lunar excursion, the two craft rendezvoused and docked in lunar orbit, and the Command and Service Module returned the crew to Earth. The Command Module was the only part of the spacecraft that returned with the crew to the Earth's surface.* Wiki

The model of the Apollo Spacecraft consists of the Command and Service Module and the Lunar Module.

In addition, the model includes the Lunar Roving Vehicle, various equipment such as the ALSEP (Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package), recovery equipment for the splashdown of the Command Module and a display stand.


Fully seperable modules:
- Command Module
- Service Module
- Lunar Module

Command Module
- Detailed interior
- Removable upper heat shield

Service Module
- Scientific Instrument module (SIM) with removeable cover (Apollo 15-17)
- Fuel cells and Oxygen tanks with removeable cover (Apollo 13)

Lunar Module
- Ascent stage
- Descent Stage
- Completely retractable landing gear
- Detailed interior
- Storage compartments for Equipment
- The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) can be attached to Lunar Module as in the original

Lunar Roving Vehicle
- Can be folded completely
- The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) can be attached to Lunar Module as in the original

Display Stand
- Display stand for Command and Service Modue and Lunar Module

Various Equipment
- ALSEP (Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package)
- Floating Collar
- Inflation Bags (Ballons)
- Rescue Basket (For Helicopters)

Building Instructions
- Building instructions as PDF-File
- LDD-Files
- Stud.Io-Files
- Parts List (Excel)
- Pictures for stickers/prints

Dimensions (L/W/H):

Command Module
- 20.5cm / 20.5cm / 13cm
- 0.9kg

Service Module
- 34cm / 23cm / 40cm
- 2.4kg

Lunar Module
- 40cm / 40cm / 25cm
- 2,1kg

Display Stand
- 48cm / 19cm / 16.5cm
- 0.6kg

Lunar Roving Vehicle
- 13cm / 6.5cm / 8cm
- 50g

Complete Display
- 70cm / 40cm / 43cm


I have not given permission to re-use the MOC to any company or other third party.
Rebrickable.com is the only source where I offer the building instructions for my MOC.

This model is not compatible with the LEGO "NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (10226)"

Here you can find the individual building instruction for the Command and Service Module:

Here you can find the individual building instruction for the Lunar Module:


Changelog 1.1
Fixed: I was pointed to a few minor weak spots, so I made a few small modifications to the model. These modifications improve the strength and stability of smaller sections of the model.
These modifications do not seriously affect the basic structure of the model.

Changelog 1.2
Fixed: Correction of the information decals. Dots and commas exchanged (German spelling against English spelling).

Changelog 1.3
Added: Parts List (Excel)
Added: Table of Contents and bookmarks in the PDF-File
Added: Additional Information
Fixed: Parts list for Lunar Module - Decent Stage

Changelog 1.4
Fixed: Added information for the allocation of the decals.

Changelog 1.5
Fixed: Improved Transmission of the Lunar Module Landing Gear (Thanks to aecarol)
Fixed: Adjusting the order of some building steps
Added: Moon Surface to the Display Stand (Thanks to jbuccino)

The changelog can be found in the Apollo - Instructions (1.5) and on bricksafe.com.

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Name Apollo Spacecraft
Designer FreakCube
Designed 2019
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