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My apologies to my followers and friends for my absence. I've been really busy!

I ran across the carcass of the 8182 Racers Tiny Turbos Set. This set originally had four monster trucks and when I found The Red and White Truck it had no suspension, no lift, no front nose and was missing the rear 1x3 tiles and the left front windscreen (windshield) 2x1 slope. The stickers were so-so and as I eyed it, I thought to myself....maybe I can re-invent this truck. I have to admit that I wasn't exactly loving the original design, which suited the Theme well.

I was having a different vision for this carcass of a truck and set to work with a "re-imagining" of the vehicle. Lego makes some of the most resilient stickers I have ever seen. And some tricks I learned with other model stickers were tried here with great success. I did not know where the final truck design would end up. This moc was more of an artistic ebb and flow design process.

After getting a new main lower plate and axles fitted to the vehicle, I was beginning to realize that the two front stickered 1x2 tiles were not helping my ebb and flow efforts. So...I put to use a trick that I am still perfecting, and with much luck and a good bit of patience, I transferred the stickers from the 1x2 plates to the 1 x 2 curved slopes seen here in the Mk11 version.

For clarification, the Mk1 version had a nose design that I had to tweak a little more--to bring it into balance with the truck, which then changed the ratio to the windscreens--and that threw the rear bed off without it's tiles, so something had to be done there. After reshaping the windscreen, I removed the rear windscreen slopes and opted for a tinted rear cab slider glass panel, tinted black of course. 

Ebb and Flow, Ebb and Flow. Creation is an iterative process, for sure.

Finally things were coming into balance and when I got to the bed of the truck, I knew it was going to be a serious remodel. The LB Gray Tiles and slopes were originally going to be a headache rack ( In America, a headache rack on a truck is slang for driver protection screen). But I opted for side skirt aerodynamics, as finding a screen was not plausible at this scale. I went with matching 1x3 LBG tiles to represent aluminum bed rail covers.

Inner pieces of the truck had to be changed to allow for a studless bed floor design. With the final addition of mirrors and 1x2 slopes, and a white radiator for the hood grill, I felt the design was really coming together.

I finally opted to add a stud of length to the end of the bed which brings this truck into a an extended cab design with short bed. That is where the Mk11 ends, and I really needed a break from the excessive steps of the Mk1 and Mk11 versions.

The rear bumper and rear end in general needs something else to busy it up, as I think it is a little to flat for my liking. But I need time to think it over. Nonetheless, the Mk11 presents a very different design for the Red Monster Truck of Racers Tiny Turbos Set 8183. Overall, I am pleased, but not quite done yet.

A stock photo of the original truck design is included below to show just how much this truck has changed in the redesign. Finally, I used my unproven sticker readjustment technique with good success on the side mounted stickers. Overall, I am please with the Mk11 and where it stands. I hope you like it.

This is how 8182 Red Monster Truck was "supposed to look like" but I didn't have any tires, wheels, axles, lift bricks, the 2x2 tile on the hood was gone and the nose was bare down to the red hanger. One of the front 2x1 slope black windscreen pieces were missing and there were no tiles, or rear end on the bed of the truck. But we weren't going to be stopped by this little challenge.

The Mk11 Redesign turns this old monster truck back into a heavy duty extended cab street legal 4x4. As you can see from the first design, a lot of re-envisioning has been performed. Personally, I like the street-able design a little better.

The Mk11 rear end fills the bill, but is a little plain for my liking, but it is a solid start, as the original truck had no rear end details. Note the extension of the bed from three studs to four studs. This gives it better balance across the whole redesign. Cab lights were added to denote this was a 3/4 ton heavy duty 4x4 American Made Powerhouse Truck--and we build them tough here, that is for sure.

With the addition of a rear cab tinted glass and the bedside aerodynamics and capped bedsides, the redesign is taking the form of a truck with real trucks accessories, which I think gives a lot of eye candy compared to the original car stomping monster machine. Also note the studless bed liner. Basic SNOT is all over this redesign.

The new rear view mirrors, completely new front nose design, and the successful transfer of the stickers from the 1x2 plates to the slopes really give this truck a street legal stance version of the Monster Truck. It could be hypothesized that this could be like a limited edition release of tthe original monster truk, or a fan made custom pickup design based off of is favorite monster ttruck, or it could even be an official "team truck" used by the monster truck team.

I opted for a white radiator grill so as not to overpower the top lines in LB gray. The white caps on the mirrors are also meant to give color accents and color scheme balance in faithful acknowledgment of the original designers works. Finally, side mounted nerf bars were a must for a heavy duty off road machine like this design was intended to be.

I hope you liked this Salvage Overhaul Project. I think any partial Lego kit can be given new life with a little creativity, some patience, some vehicle research and details and accessories. And if you don't have this carcass to salvage, with the file, you can build your own from scratch.

Isn't Lego just so cool like that!

Thanks for looking and see you on the next post!

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Name 8182 Parts Salvage Overhaul MOC
Designer zeeverse
Designed 2019
Inventory 105
Theme Racers > Tiny Turbos
Modification of 8182-1 Monster Crushers
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