31042 - Viper




Alternate #11 for 31042 - Colonial Viper
In a sense, maybe I should have started with this set. I think this is my prettiest Viper alternate, even though the smaller vipers have more interesting techniques (see 31054).
But this one has cute things, too. In particular, note the mounts of the engine blocks - you have to turn the 2x2 truncated cones by 45 degrees in order to fit them as instructed.
The pair pics are with the 31057 alternate which is the only one of the appropriate size. 
My 5.5-year-old built it with my instructions, being annoyed with me half the time for not getting him all the correct bricks on time, and pleased with me the other half for designing this for him. I hope you will be more pleased than annoyed with this model :/

Here are pictures of my Viper Squadron doing a flyby:

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Name 31042 - Viper
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 90
Theme Creator > Model
Alternate Build of 31042-1 Super Soarer
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