GT Race Truck - Ford GT 10265 C-Model




Have you ever wondered, "What would happen when, the team behind the Ford GT, decides to make a race truck?"
Well wonder no more, as I present to you, the GT Race Truck.
An aggressive blend of a race truck and the Ford GT, fully keeping it's soul intact, while creating some new curves and angles.

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Name GT Race Truck - Ford GT 10265 C-Model
Designer morningstrummer
Designed 2019
Inventory 799
Theme Creator > Creator Expert
Alternate Build of 10265-1 Ford Mustang


  • 3 months, 3 weeks ago artwodeetwo (2K)
    Looks great! What did you use to make the 3D CAD/instructions?
    • 3 months, 3 weeks ago morningstrummer (1325) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      Thanks man,
      Creating the instructions is a multi step (and for me multi program) operation:
      -LDcad, for creating the digital model with steps.
      -LPub3d, to turn the digital model into .pdf instructions.
      -Adobe Acrobat, for some touch ups in the .pdf file (Depending on the model this may take just as long as the work in LPub3d)
      -Adobe Photoshop, for creating all the different backgrounds within the instruction, and some post editing on rendered images.
      -Studio, for rendering the 3d model with photo real textures to use as front cover and promotional material.

      Now there is faster ways out there, you can use just Studio for all of this, however you'll lose out on customizability and some quality. Personally I set the quality very high, and thus I can't get away with just Studio.
  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago Lego360 (2K) PRO
    This is a very good alternative to the mustang.  The building instructions are also top-notch.  And thanks.  Keep up the good work.
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