Lego Creator Zamor Sphere Display And Holder (Steering Wheel Experiment 3)




After the completion of the miniature amusement park ride, which was an enjoyable build, I set to work on a 3rd and final MOC around the Minifig Steering Wheel Part. There are other ideas, but I think three is a good start for a theme, and keeps me from burning out. So, for the final design, I thought of what I had made. The first MOC was a piece of Technology which is the steering wheel as a part of the object. The second design was very extrapolative in that the steering wheel represented a large object of a large system. So, I had two models of real things. But I know people that use Lego for other things besides models, so I though I would see what I could pull out of the unknown. I notice that the steering wheel was kind of recessed and I remember thinking about a bird bath which is essentially a water holder on a post--and bam! There it was...a holder....a holder of what, and my mind drifted through minifig parts until I remembered the Lego Ball Contraption I had seen at the last Lego Show I went to, and the second hit came at me.....ball...I don't have any balls in my collection...and then...bam again. That's it! A Zamor Sphere Collection holder. Lots of Lego fans make Lego shelves and frames for their minifigures, so why couldn't we make one for my Bionicle and Hero Factory Zamor Spheres? So, I set to work quickly. It took more time to gather the parts than it did to flesh out the design in my head. And when the model was built, I plopped a couple of Zamor Spheres from my Hero Factory sets onto the cupped wheel holders and they held there nicely against the backdrop Lego wall. It was cool, it was different, it was scalable vertically and/or horizontally. And so this MOC came to be. It's again, a very straightforward design, so I've included images of the the assemblies and wall configuration. I am confident Lego builders who would take this MOC on would know how to scale it to exactly what they want, what with seeing my MOC sample wall system. So, the third MOC ends this part of the Minifig Steering Wheel use Theme. And I was quite elated that it is a service MOC, and not a model. This shows just how much one can incorporate Lego into their world beyond models. Lego is a toyline, and it is also a fabrication systems of good quality. Enjoy the images and hope you have the parts to try a build for yourself.

Thanks for looking! See you on the next MOC.
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Name Lego Creator Zamor Sphere Display And Holder (Steering Wheel Experiment 3)
Designer zeeverse
Designed 2019
Inventory 30
Theme Creator > Basic Model
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