At first sight PANZ3R-I is just a tank based on a combination of the tracked racer (42065) with the automatic twin rotary cannon of the SPACE DEFENDER. In combination with the IR-CONTROLL3R easy remote control is possible. This remote controls so far, has the following features (on channel 1):
Drive forward and backward (keys A+C / B+D)
Turn left and right (keys C / A)
Rotate left and right (keys C+B / A+D)
Turn the turret left and right by at least 360° (A+B / C+D)
Fire 11 rounds from the twin cannons (B)
Adjust the angle alignment of the twin cannon (D)
Calibration of the motors (E)
Based on this list it is evident that you will need five motors to perform all these functions, but the EV3 Brick can only control four. This problem is overcome using a free wheel within the cannon: When the motor rotates counter clockwise it fires the cannon and when the motor rotates clockwise it adjusts the angle of the cannon. This provides full control over the tank. You have full control of all these functions by means of the IR-CONTROLL3R based on this key configuration

All this makes it quite some fun to play. a Mindstorms augmented version with automatic target identification, locking and ballistic calculation was implemented on the PANZ3R-II shown in the video below. This software also runs on the PANZ3R-I.

The model works with original Mindstorms cables. For higher reliability please use the more flexible ones from Mindensors.

Note that you need steel springs or rubber bands for the operation of the cannons. These 5mm/25mm steel springs work just perfect.

At this stage I only uploaded a simple IR-control software. You do not need the Ultrasonic and the Gyro Sensor for playing the PANZ3R-I by remote control. I will add the automatic target identification and following (as in the D3F3ND3R) in the next version. Please stay tuned.

Construction hints:

The cannons are difficult to build due to the very high integration of the mechanics. Please follow the instruction of the SPACE DEFENDER.
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Designer kueden
Designed 2019
Inventory 975
Theme Mindstorms > EV3
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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