Technic Scooter Small Model




A MOC I have been meaning to build for about 8 years now. Yesterday, I finally sat down and got to it. It was a lot harder to figure out than I had anticipated. It took about 6 hours, with plenty of breaks to arrive at this solution. Building a scooter with Technic can be a real challenge, but if you have a few parts laying around and are looking for something to build up, here's a quick build to check off on your bucket list. If I had some different parts, I might have done this differently, but I haven't seen those parts in kits I own. The scooter is stable "if" you treat it like a scooter. You put one hand on the foot board and that is where you apply movement. Then, with your other hand you just guide it along at the handle bars. If you try to do everything from the handle bars, it keeps wanting to nose dive because of the high steering system. And that's how a scooter in real life behaves. This scooter even has a kick stand that is just as wobbly as the real life versions can be.
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Name Technic Scooter Small Model
Designer zeeverse
Designed 2019
Inventory 44
Theme Technic > Model
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Submitted by xilanium April 15, 2019