Chess and Checkers Game/Ornamental piece for Home and Office based on MOC-19521.





First credit where credit is due. What you are looking at is a variation Daniel Vermeir Pocket Chess Box  I was impressed with Daniel's original MOC and with his permission I decided to do some minor redesigning of my own, which in the end turned into a major redesign to incorporate a second level of draws to include the game of Checkers as well. It is amazing what happens when your imagination starts running wild.
The Chess Pieces and Colours used. The chess pieces have been redesignedusing Microfigures in gold and silver giving them an almost Incan, Aztec or even Easter Island Moai Statue look, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. The Checker pieces are in the tradition Red and Black colours. Dark Red and Dark Purple have been used throughout the build to give the project a more traditional Royal look IE Ancient Rome’s Emperors (Dark Purple) and its Senate (Dark Red). The pockets in the Checkers draw are there to lay down you a opponents pieces you have captured and the bar with the stopper can be used to move the pieces if the round 1 x 1 tiles are removed during play.
The playing field. The playing field now has an easy to remove cover with an Ornamental Throne attached to the top giving it a more Royal look also, at the time I was thinking along the lines of “A Game of Thrones” or even “Aquaman”. Please refer to the photos on where to attach the other end of the chains. Another addition is the hinged back wall of the chess piece boxes for easier access.
Instructions. The Instructions are in LDD format in four files and have been generated and saved in the build mode to save you time, they are also available in PDF format. There is also a fifth file with all the games pieces as well if you wish to use that separately there is also five XLSX parts files included . LDD as any one knows that has used it is not a very colour or part friendly software at times, due to the fact it has not been updated since approximately 2013 this being said in the inventory section in Rebrickable I have endeavoured to correct all colour and part errors to reflect the finished project. Addition photos can be seen at This is my first submitted MOC (the first of many to come I hope) and any constructive remarks are always welcome.
Have fun building.

PS You may want to go to Lego Ideas and have a look at this great model of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG and support if you wish its worth the look.

If you like my creations which are all free to download I would now like to invite you to visit my Go Fund Me page and have a read. If you can help out I would be eternally grateful. Please click on the link below to go there.
Thanking you in advance.
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Name Chess and Checkers Game/Ornamental piece for Home and Office based on MOC-19521.
Designer Timelord
Designed 2019
Inventory 738
Theme Creator
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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