Custom RC 42082 with SBrick




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Custom Rough Terrain Crane RC modification
It is a high-quality remote control Modification instructions
or the 42082. For the conversion were the two trans-
missions have been removed and by several power
Function Motors replaced. Controlled preferably with SBrick.

Missing on Inventory, 2x SBrick + String (x77cc300) + Sticker

Details of the model:

- A high-quality engineering model for fans and collectors
- Total number of components required - 3829 bricks
- Dimension of model B / T / H = 30,75 / 84,7 / 59,3 cm (picture 1)

 - Steering left and right       (1x servomotor)
 - Driving back and forth      (1x XL engine)
 - Extend supports                (1x L engine)
 - Turning the tower             (1x L engine)
 - Raise and lower crane      (1x L engine)
 - Extend and retract crane  (1x L engine)
 - Roll in winch                        (1x L-engine)

The parts list have been optimized for quantity, color and availability.

More Informations:
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Name Custom RC 42082 with SBrick
Designed 2018
Inventory 3829
Theme Technic
Modification of 42082-1 Rough Terrain Crane


  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago rekreK (388)
    If I started with 42082 kit and nothing else, what else would I need?
    2x SBrick
    1x Servo engine
    1x XL engine
    4x L engine(comes with 1 already)
    • 4 months, 2 weeks ago rekreK (388)
      I purchased the instructions, there is 154 additional parts required, including the PF parts I asked about above
  • 5 months ago Harlekin (359)
    Hi all,
    if somebody would like to get the artwork and images I used for the SBrick Remote Control you can download them from my DropBox.
    If this fails, just send me a PM.
    If have build a 16:9 (Experia Z3, Huawei Mate 9 and like Phones), 16:10 (Experia Z2 Pad and like Pads) and 18.5:9 (Samsung Note 9 and like Phones) Interface.

  • 5 months ago lordviper556 (170)
    Is there a parts list for the RC conversion if you already have the crane? i was going to buy one locally (cheaper than buying it in parts) then build it as the MOC straight off the bat.
    • 5 months ago Harlekin (359)
      Such a part list comes with the building instructions for this MOC.
      There is a part list for use with bricklink as well, so you can order all the required parts very easily by just some clicks.

      • 5 months ago lordviper556 (170)
        Cool thanks mate. This will be my first moc so it's all new to me.
  • 5 months, 1 week ago Harlekin (359)
    Hi all,

    I build that MOC a week ago.
    And this one is a absolute fantastic full RC version based on SBrick.
    You have to look very closely to recognize differences between the MOC and the original A Modell from the outside.
    Inside more or less everything is changed. None of the original gears have survided the modificaction. Even the deployment speed of the support legs have been adjusted to a more reasonable speed.

    The building instructions are very good and complete.
    The part list is complete as well.
    However this build is not an easy one.
    Sometimes some research into upcomming pages is required to figure out how to put things together properly.
    However I build it during 5 evenings with approx. ~20hrs building time.

    Thumbs Up!
    Strong recomendation to build that MOC instead the original one right after unpacking the box.

    • 5 months, 1 week ago ApoqeuM (376)
      Could you put some photos of your model ???
      • 5 months ago Harlekin (359)
        Done :-)
        • 5 months ago ApoqeuM (376)
          Thanks for the pictures. The model in this version looks great. If the mechanics work as well as it looks, this manual is worth every penny
  • 8 months ago ApoqeuM (376)
    Is anyone build this mod ??? I asking becouse there is shown only renders of the model, not real photos.
    • 5 months ago Harlekin (359)
      Yes. I did.
      Look at photos I made during and after build.

  • 9 months, 1 week ago CzB (94)
    Are you able to do it with buwizz? Or is it easy to modify?
    • 9 months, 1 week ago (6K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      hello, the modification is no problem,  you can save the SBricks and battery box. then only need 3 PF extension cable more.. regards
    • 11 months ago (6K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      • 11 months ago Lorenzo92 (3K) MOC Designer
        I don’t think someone running a business should insult/swear at potential customers. Not a very good impression.
        • 11 months ago 911momo (33K) MOC Designer
          I agree also rebrickable is called a family friendly sit that use of profanity is not family friendly and as Lorenzo said it isn't good for business it also makes you look bad
        • 11 months ago (6K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
          this is not a customer, this is a competitor. he always does that. Sometime is enough! he talks us badly. look at his profile, his comments, very noticeable!
          • 11 months ago Lorenzo92 (3K) MOC Designer
            No company should ever swear because it's just not professional and it certainly doesn't give buyers a good first impression. Besides, there are children on this site who might not want to read foul language. It's also against the Rebrickable ToS...
            • 11 months ago (6K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
              I have already reported it several times, it is already blocked on facebook ... but here "fake profiles" are tolerated. in such a case, the operator must act!
              • 11 months ago 911momo (33K) MOC Designer
                I agree with that, I don't mean to offend you or anyone but couldn't you deal with him or others like him by ( trying to not assume genders) just bringing them to admin and giving them the situation to deal with, and to be honest I love your Mocs but that one comment really disappointed me that we on a family friendly media site have come to using explicitly rude and utterly disrespectful language (no offense) please try to delete the comment and we all should try and forget about this discussion. And coming from a teens eye of the world this comment caught me of guard and I did a double take. Thank you for understanding      911momo
      • 11 months ago RB-instructions (4K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
        Since the comment has been edited, I do not know what was there before, but we have in Germany
        as a commercial company, unfortunately, a lot of taxes. Therefore, I can understand the annoyance already. My article also posted a link to one of your MOCs ;-)
        Customers should decide for themselves where to buy.
        • 10 months, 4 weeks ago 911momo (33K) MOC Designer
          I agree people should choose where to buy items . Custom bricks  Since I'm a fan of your builds can you put your spin of the Porsche 917k. The reason for asking this is because you build so close to the original but keep it in the range of controlled unlike some.  Most of your Mocs look exactly like the original from 2 feet.  If you don't want to it's okay but I would be interested to see the final product
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