The Costume Shop - Alternative to 71040




The Costume Shop has now opened!
It's the perfect place to display your collectable minifigures within your modular street, and you can build it if you own set 71040, the Disney Castle plus a 25 extra parts!

The Halloween version below was built using additional parts from the Disney Castle, and by only adding a few spooky minifigures. To build it the brown wardrobe on the first floor was disassembled for it's brown plates, to board up the windows.
Please note: instructions for this Halloween modification are not included in the pdf, the pdf only has all the instructions for the original Costume Shop shown in the other images.[email protected]/albums/72157690891685780
Please look at my flickr page to see more images of this set.

It features 2 floors of displays, outfits, accessories, decorations and a changing room.
Built using 2687 pieces and some additional minifigures.

Build requirements:
- 71040 Disney Castle
- 10699 32x32 Tan Baseplate
- 12x White Door Frame 1 x 4 x 6
- 12x Clear Glass for Window 1 x 4 x 6

A few minifigures are not included in the instructions, feel free to add your own!
12 window assemblies are available in set 850423: ''Minifigure Presentation Box''.
(Alternatively you could also build this using 8 window assemblies)

Have fun building!

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Name The Costume Shop - Alternative to 71040
Designer BrickBees
Designed 2018
Inventory 2674 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 71040-1 The Disney Castle
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