31052 three story house




31052 vacation getaways  3 story house.

i didn't like the official house build for this set which was a very small and cramped looking 2 story house, which is technically a 1 story house with a bed in the attic.    So i thought i'd maximize the use of the available 6x8 plates.  Also, i went for the "hollow back" dollhouse type of build commonly used in lego friends houses.

This build features 3 MODULAR floors which you can interchange.  also includes 1 roof and 1 staircase.  All floors have an open slot at one side which you can seal off with bricks, or left open to act as door for the stairs.  Obviously, you can place and play however you want with the interior, but for now, let me describe what i did.(built-in furnitures also included in insturction)

1st floor - features the kitchen and dining area.  Can also act as a mini cafe with its window acting like a take-out/drivetru counter.

2nd floor - have an overhang balcony, and a double deck that turns into sofa inspired by the legofriends beach house.

3rd floor - act as the office/study area.  bathroom is also here.

rooftop - just a roof and a small area where minifigs can hang out.

*i've also place a picture where you can put one module at the side and have a wider house.
*There's plenty of remaining bricks so feel free to add more furnitures.
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Name 31052 three story house
Designer Abokado
Designed 2018
Inventory 340 parts
Theme Creator > Model > Building
Alternate Build of 31052-1 Vacation Getaways
Old Trafford
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