EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5




During SHIPtember 2016, Ryan Olsen created a SHIP based on Babylon 5 - the EAS Agamemnon. I stumbled across it at the time thanks to some Lego blogs, and at the end of the year decided to build one for myself.

The main pic is from a render (done in BlueRender), but here's a few pics from the as-built model, complete with stickers:

And from the rear:

More pics including renders and WIP pics in my Flickr album.

Stats-wise, it's about 95cm (~117 studs) long, 35cm tall and 15cm wide, using ~4700 bricks, weighing-in at just over 3.7kg (8.2lb).

I reverse-engineered it from Ryan's WIP pics in LDD, so obviously credit for the original design (and stickers) goes to Ryan, but I know I solved some problems differently and I did the LDD file so I guess I'll take a little of the credit... ;)

Two Word documents with images intended for printing on clear or white-backed sticker sheets are in my Bricksafe folder, along with the LDD file.

The build is covered in a thread on Eurobricks. It's actually fairly difficult in parts because the I didn't do instructions or even use groups in LDD, so you have to use the Hide tool to remove parts and figure out the build sequence yourself (the LDD-generated instructions are junk). Sorry about that, but this was my first big MOC so that's just how it turned out. Take it as a challenge. ;)

There's one bit of reinforcement for the rings in a Flickr WIP pic that's not in the LDD file, so check that (well, all of them) out!

If you build it, have a whole lot of fun, and share pics!
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Name EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5
Designer manglegrat
Designed 2017
Inventory 4720 parts
Theme Other
Old Trafford
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