Boost Writing, Drawing & Copy-Bug




This MOC is entirely based on the Lego Boost Set 17101.

Now Available on Amazon: Book with instructions and detailed programming guide for all my 6 Boost-Models:
English: Link to Amazon
German: Link to Amazon 

Alternatively, there is a packaged description of all 6 models here

The MOC can do the following:
- Write words or sentences
  - in the provided code, the font size can be adjusted
- Draw simple shapes
  - there is code provided to draw a simple house
  - Drawing size is up to 9L wide and as long as you have space on your paper
- Copy simple shapes from one paper to another (Code provided)

The building instruction has 83 steps using 406 pieces of the set (so approx. 5 pieces per step).
The code is provided as screenshots for any Boost-App (e.g. Apple, Android, Fire or Microsoft) and is also easily adaptable to Scratch. Furthermore there are step by step instructions how to create a new program and how to enter the creative canvas.

See the bricksafe-link for a sample of the building and coding instructions.

Additional Video about the Copy capability:
Additional Video about the Drawing capability:

The writer can now also draw dot-matrix pictures and dot-matrix letters. See additional video here:
The dot-matrix pictures are generated via a simple Excel-File and then coded into variables in the APP.
Alternatively, the Writer can be controlled by Raspberry Pi or any other Linux computer with a suitable BLE adapter. Instructions on how to setup the Raspberry Pi are included.

Change Log:
Jan 13, 2018: Building Instructions v1.1: exchanged blurry image, eliminated double pictures
Jan 13, 2018: Coding instructions v1.1: Improved Code for K, W, X, Y, Z
Jan 19, 2018: Building Instructions v1.2: changed mistakenly used black L-Arms to white ones
Jan 21, 2018: Building Instructions v1.3: exchanged 20/12 tooth gear for 24/8 tooth
Sep 21, 2018: Building instructions V2: Lego-Style building instructions (3D-computer file pdf with steps)
Oct 14, 2018: Coding Instructions v.1.2: Updated to current App-Version: No Color-Start-Symbol anymore
Oct 15, 2018: Coding instruction v1.3: Added description to update code to new App-Version v1.7.0
Dec 10, 2018: Coding instruction v1.4: Updated to App-Version v1.7, color errors in building instruction.
Dec 14, 2018: Dot Matrix Coding by APP and Instructions for control via Raspberry PI added.
Dec 9, 2019 Updated to Expert book model version  

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Name Boost Writing, Drawing & Copy-Bug
Designer Bundy
Designed 2018
Inventory 311 parts
Theme Educational and Dacta
Alternate Build of 17101-1 Creative Toolbox
FREE LEGO City Mini-figure Pack when you spend +£75 on selected space sets at!
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