75155 X Wing Fighter Concept




Here is my 75155 X Wing Fighter, my first alternate for 75155! 

This is also my first Star Wars MOC, and I'd love to hear your opinion on how I did with this theme.

Here is a list of it's features:

     Opening cockpit that fits minifig pilot
     Retractable landing gear
     Four large engines
     Multiple guns, two of which are flick-missiles
     Large cargo bay at the back, which could be used for extra guns, more minifigs, or anything you can fit in there
     X shaped wings (sadly they do not fold up; maybe that will be a feature on a later MOC).

I had a lot of fun building this MOC, and I hope you will too!

Feel free to offer any feedback or suggestions for improvement in the comments below. Also, please take a look at My other MOCs. Thanks! TURBO

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Name 75155 X Wing Fighter Concept
Designer Turbo8702
Designed 2017
Inventory 382 parts
Theme Star Wars > Star Wars Rogue One
Alternate Build of 75155-1 Rebel U-Wing Fighter


  • 1 year, 5 months ago emvy Level 8 MOC Designer
    I might take a stab at this if I ever get around to disassembling my U-Wing. But that's a big if. Love the set -- got it on clearance, too! Keep it up :)
    • 1 year, 5 months ago Turbo8702 Level 30 Designed this MOC PRO
      Thanks for the comment! I hope you will enjoy it if you build it. I just finished another alternate for this set that I will try to post once I get around to making instructions for it :)
  • 2 years, 3 months ago LegoOri Level 29 MOC Designer PRO
    My first reaction was "Wow!"
    Such a big MOC for your first SW theme - That's very impressive!
    It looks amazing, and yoru pictures show a lot of detail - how did you get the angle on the 1x8 light grey pieces on the bottom front (right under front leg)
    I can't really see from the pictures how you angled the wings and it is too late in the night for me to start checking the LXF properly, but I noticed that many X-Wing models (including this Microfighter and mine) achieve the folding by putting the bottom wings upside down - does that help?
    Anyway - incredible MOC, and I even have most of the pieces - maybe I'll try to build a version of it!
    • 2 years, 3 months ago Turbo8702 Level 30 Designed this MOC PRO
      Thank you! I'm really glad you like this.

      The angled part of the front is actually built in the same way the actual Lego version is, and is angled at just a small enough degree to still have a straight piece go beside it and be close enough to the same length as the hinged piece for LDD to let it pass. I don't think I'm explaining this very well, so you will probably have to take a look at the LDD file to see what I mean ;D. You will probably notice the small gaps between a few of the front parts; they are caused by this hinge technique, however, IRL there are no gaps.

      As for the wings, I put some technic bricks on the wings themselves and then attached those to the same technic axle that the engines closest to the middle of the plane are connected to. Again, you may want to see the LDD file to get a better grasp on it.

      To answer your question about mounting the bottom wings upside down, I would think that it would help in most cases, however with my version mounting the wings upside down wouldn't do much good. This is only because of the way I attached them with the technic bricks, so that if I were to have them fold together they would make some pretty thick wings, and wouldn't even touch each other.

      Again, thank you for your feedback, it means a lot! And if you get to build it, have fun!
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