Last modified March 21, 2018 by Nathan

Custom Lists

Your Custom Lists are just generic lists of Sets and/or Parts. Access them via MY LEGO > My Custom Lists.

You can put whatever you want in there and then perform various operations on them. For example:

  • Create a list of Parts you want to buy
  • Copy a MOC's Parts into a list and then modify it
  • Import your own LEGO Digital Designer model or other file format and then Build the list to see what Parts you are missing
  • Keep a Wishlist of Sets you would like, and then share it with someone likely to buy them for you :)
  • Keep a list of MOCs you want to build next

Each Custom List can be made public so anyone else can view them (they won't need a login) once you share the URL.

You can add/import parts into your Custom Lists the same way as for your Part Lists.

(NOTE: in v2 these were called Private MOCs)