August was a busy month for me both on and off Rebrickable, but there has been plenty of changes.

Multiple Parts Lists

You can now store multiple parts lists in your account, just like with sets. Go to your My Parts page to add new lists.

Each part list can be configured to be used in build calculations or not. This is the same behaviour as the multiple set lists feature.

The main build page will now also indicate how many sets and parts it is using in the calculations based on your sets/parts configuration.

BrickOwl Orders Imports

You can now import your BrickOwl orders into your parts lists or MOCs. You will need to create a BrickOwl API key first. In your BrickOwl profile, click on the API Keys tab and the Add API Key button. Make sure the permissions on the key has the 'Store Orders View/Edit' option enabled.

Enter your key and hit 'Get List of Orders'. Your key will be saved and pre-filled the next time you use this form. If you want to use a different key just overwrite it and then that one will become the new default.

A list of all your orders appears with most recent at the top. Select the one you want to import and use the usual Append/Replace buttons to add the parts. Note that any non-parts in your order will be ignored during import.

Other Changes

  • API - return any known part mappings even when the requested part does not exist.

  • My Parts - allow loading of multiple sections instead of one.

  • Allow building Private MOCs with non-exact colors.

  • Added auditing of part mapping changes.

  • Added a silent cap of 1000 qty when importing sets. I still need to add more sanity validation on imports though to prevent bogus numbers.

  • Lots and lots of code refactoring - I'm mainly trying to improve the Javascript code to make changes easier in the long term.

  • Inventories now always load all parts. There didn't seem much point in only showing a preview anymore.

  • Added a new Help page listing File Formats.


There were also a bunch more bugs fixed in August... some of them also created in August :)

  • Fixed Cloudflare purging of set/moc images when they are updated. This broke after migrating to a new server recently.

  • Fixed sorting of search results when no query terms were used. The order was essentially random, but now properly uses the correct ranking algorithm.

  • Fixed usage and display of Private MOCs on Compare Sets page.

  • Fixed issue with the number of parts/year sliders on the Search page.

  • Fixed an issue with using Memcache - it was creating a new connection for every query and had started reaching the maximum number of open ports (30k+ TIME_WAIT ports open!). It now uses persistent connections.

  • Lots of fixes for things I broke during the above changes :)

  • Fixed a Bricksafe emailing issue and added a new outages page to keep track of any problems.

  • Fixed MOC submission bugs - prevented duplicate auto-generated URLs, stopped it from forgetting the MOC name on page reload.

  • Fixed display of parts on profile pages.

Plans for September

Well I didn't hit many of my planned August items, so they will shift to September:

  • Exporting parts to BrickOwl Wishlists.

  • Further API enhancements - some additional requests from other sites/apps still to be done.

  • Bricksafe - I need to spend more time getting it beyond it's initial v1 build and add features such as searching, paging through images, etc.

  • MOC Feedback - I want to add user ratings, maybe upload photos of fan builds, etc.


  • 5 years, 5 months ago ricky_bricks Level 4
    Thank you for adding multiple parts lists and for creating the site in the first place. :)
  • 5 years, 5 months ago TNRandy Level 7 PRO
    Id like to create a parts list and add my (PRIV-000MOC) private MOC's as a set.
  • 5 years, 5 months ago Floppy Level 11 MOC Designer
    Great stuff, I love the new multiple parts lists. One thing - I can't work out how to move things from one part list to another. Is that possible at the moment? Am I just being dumb?
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