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It's November, traditionally a time of year where the January wave of new LEGO sets is revealed. We've put all known 2020 sets in a nice overview for you. We regulary update this list. If you are missing a set, please let us know in the comments or submit it.

Architecture - 2 sets
Brickheadz - 5 sets
City - 25 sets
Classic - 4 sets
Creator - 11 sets
Disney Princess - 8 sets
Duplo - 15 sets
Educational and Dacta - 12 sets
Friends - 17 sets
Hidden Side - 8 sets
Legoland Parks - 1 sets
Minecraft - 7 sets
Modular Buildings - 1 sets
Ninjago - 17 sets
Other - 1 sets
Seasonal - 1 sets
Speed Champions - 6 sets
Star Wars - 12 sets
Super Heroes - 10 sets
Technic - 8 sets
Trolls: World Tour - 8 sets
Xtra - 2 sets


Architecture has been around since 2008, and currently has over 50 sets. For 2020, 2 new sets have been announced in the Skyline sub-theme. In this sub-theme, the set does not concentrate on 1 single building, but looks at multiple landmarks within a city or area. This is also a popular theme with MOCs, being it real-life landmarks, or fictional, like landmarks from movies. JardedHinton wrote a review this year for 21043-1 San Fransisco.

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There were a lot of rumors that the Brickheadz theme would be canceled. The announcement of new sets has shown these rumors to be false. Like in the past 2 years, 2020 will bring holiday/seasonal Brickheadz. It's not known yet if there will be Brickheadz outside of the holiday/seasonal sets.
In 2019, we published 3 reviews of Brickheadz sets.
Here are all Brickheadz sets.

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LEGO City is the theme under which most Town-related System sets have been released from 2005 onward. European catalogs featured a second City theme between 1999 and 2000, which was referred to as City Center in American catalogs. Some 570 City sets have been released thus-far.
This year, we have had 1 review of a City set.
Here are all City sets.

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There are 4 Classic set announced so far, with one special! For the first time since 2007, there is a 3811 Baseplate 32 x 32 in White. Perfect for winter villages.
Here are all Classic sets.

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The Creator theme was introduced in 2001 as a continuation of Basic and Freestyle with buckets of bricks each with examples of several models. From 2006 onward, most of the Creator sets are 3-in-1, meaning that each set can be build into three different models, all included in the instructions. The largest models are released within the sub-theme Expert. Additionally there is a series of Modular Buildings, that are considered to be a sub-theme of Creator.
This year, we had 3 reviews for Creator.
Here are all Creator sets.

These b-models are known in this theme

31099-1-b2 - Helicopter with Pad

31100-1-b1 - Hot Rod

31100-1-b2 - Cargo Plane

31101-1-b1 - Car and Starting Gate

31101-1-b2 - Dragster

31102-1-b1 - Sabre Tooth Creature

31102-1-b2 - Scorpion

31103-1-b1 - Jeep

31104-1-b1 - Jeep

31105-1-b1 - Flower Shop

31105-1-b2 - Cafe

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Disney Princess

Disney Princess has been around since 2014.
New this year are the Storybooks, which are book-shaped pods, where you can build a little scene. A bit like the 21315-1 Pop-Up Book. These sets introduce a new type of figure: Mini versions of the MiniDoll, with what appears to be regular sized heads. By lack of an official term I've decided to name them MicroDoll.

Here are all Disney Princess sets.

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Duplo used to be a bit of a forgotten child here on Rebrickable. For a long time, most sets were missing from the database. Thanks to the work of JaredHinton and Thea, that gap has been mostly closed.
In terms of MOC design, this theme seems to be looked over too. We only have 12 MOCs involving Duplo. Which does make sense, since most people seem to grow out of their Duplo phase early on, and the range of bricks is limited, especially in terms of SNOT.
Here are all Duplo sets.

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Educational and Dacta

The SPIKE sets were earlier announced to be released in 2019, but were pushed back to 2020. This series introduces newparts, like new motors, and some exciting new Technic parts, most of which now already have been used in other sets in 2019:
49283 - Wire Clip with Axle Hole
39790 - Technic Frame 11 x 15
39794 - Technic Frame 7 x 11
39793 - Technix Connector Beam 3 x3 (also called Waffle)
46372 - Technic Gear 28 Tooth Double Bevel
39370 - Technic Beam 3 x 5 with Ball And Castor Joint

  • 2000719-1 - LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Replacement Pack
  • 2000720-1 - LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Workshop Kit
  • 45601-1 - LEGO Technic Large Hub
  • 45602-1 - LEGO Technic Large Angular Motor
  • 45603-1 - LEGO Technic Medium Angular Motor
  • 45604-1 - LEGO Technic Distance Sensor
  • 45605-1 - LEGO Technic Color Sensor
  • 45606-1 - LEGO Technic Force Sensor
  • 45610-1 - LEGO Technic Large Hub Battery
  • 45611-1 - LEGO Technic Micro USB Connector Cable
  • 45678-1 - LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set
  • 45680-1 - LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set

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The LEGO Friends theme was first introduced in 2012, as the successor of Belville as the main girl-oriented theme. Friends is rather more story-based than most themes, depicting the lifestyles and adventures of the so-called minidolls Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie. New this year are the square pods.
This year, we had 1 review for a Friends set, in which we also dive into the history of the theme. Another one coming up soon, also going deeper into the MiniDolls.
Here are all Friends sets.

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Hidden Side

Hidden Side is a new introduction in 2019. It focuses on a combination of building a model, and added play features by Augmented Reality using an app. It revolves around the story of a ghost infestation of a town. The theme appears to be popular, and for 2020, 8 new sets have been announced.
Reviews of this theme are waiting in cue for publishing.
Here are all Hidden Side sets.

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Legoland Parks

Sets in the LEGOLand Parks theme are exclusively available in LEGOLand Parks and Discovery Centers around the world. For 2020, 1 new set has been announced.
Here are all LEGOland Parks sets.

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Minecraft has been around since 2013. The theme is not very extensive, with 2018 being the largest year with 10 sets. This theme offers unique figures and animals.
Here are all Minecraft sets.

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Modular Buildings

One of the most popular themes amongs AFOLs. Many of us have the complete street in their LEGO room. And every year, there is a lot of speculation: what will this year bring?
It looks like LEGO is going back to it's roots with this beauty.<br/ > Here are all Modular Buildings sets.

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Ninjago is one of the largest themes in current LEGO, going strong since 2011. Last year saw 50 new sets, and there are already 17 annouced for this year. In the review for the 70677-1 - Land Bounty, we've taken a dive into the history of the theme. This year we also published a review for the 70657-1 Ninjago City Docks.
Here are all Ninjago sets.

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And there are always a few sets that do not fit in any theme (yet?). For 2020, there is 1 such set.

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There has been 1 Seasonal set been announced so far for 2020 (if you don't count the Brickheadz).
Here are all Seasonal sets.

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Speed Champions

In March 2015, The LEGO Group announced that "builders of all ages, with fuel in their veins, can now create the speeding-bullet cars at home. The LEGO Group has now announced its partnership with the three automobile manufacturers Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche resulting in a new, high-speed product line for building the most favourite cars from LEGO bricks: the LEGO Speed Champions. An adrenaline kick and the thrill of speed are included."
The theme continuous in 2020, with one new feature: The standard 6-stud-wide design is accompanied by 8-stud-wide models.
This year, we had 1 review for Speed Champions.
Here are all Speed Champions sets.

  • 30342-1 - Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO
  • 76895-1 - Ferrari F8 Tributo
  • 76896-1 - Nissan GT-R NISMO
  • 76897-1 - 1985 Audi Sport quattro S1
  • 76898-1 - Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY
  • 76899-1 - Lamborghini Urus ST-X & Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO

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Star Wars

The Star Wars theme celebrated it's 20th anniversary in 2019. And in 2020, the saga continues, with already 12 sets announced. According to site analysis, this is one of the most searched themes on Rebrickable.
We had 5 reviews tagged Star Wars this year, and more are on the way.
Here are all Star Wars sets.

  • 30386-1 - Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter
  • 75263-1 - Resistance Y-wing Microfighter
  • 75264-1 - Kylo Rens Shuttle Microfighter
  • 75265-1 - T-16 Skyhopper vs. Bantha Microfighters
  • 75266-1 - Sith Troopers Battle Pack
  • 75267-1 - Mandalorian Battle Pack
  • 75268-1 - Snowspeeder
  • 75269-1 - Duel on Mustafar
  • 75270-1 - Obi-Wan's Hut
  • 75271-1 - Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder
  • 75272-1 - Sith TIE Fighter
  • 75273-1 - Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter

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Super Heroes

Super Heroes is another large theme. 2019 saw 49 new sets, and for 2020, there are 10 new sets announced. And with the speed Marvel is cranking out movies, and a lot of new shows to appear, more sets will soon follow.
This year, we had 1 review for Super Heroes.
Here are all Super Heroes sets.

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Technic will always be special to Rebrickable. This is the theme that started the origin of this site, and because it uses a relatively low number of different parts, it's ideal to rebrick the sets into MOCs. For 2020, 8 sets have been announced so far. In 2019, we had 5 Technic reviews.
Here are all Technic sets.

These b-models are known in this theme

42101-1-b1 - Race Car

42102-1-b1 - Harvester

42103-1-b1 - Hot Rod Dragster

42104-1-b1 - Racer

42105-1-b1 - Race Power Boat

42106-1-b1 - Stadium Truck

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Trolls: World Tour

New in 2020 is the Trolls: World Tour theme, named after the movie to be released in 2020. This theme looks... well, to put it nicely... unique. A lot of colors (great for MOCs!), new molds, and the return of Foam parts. There are 8 sets announced so far.

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The Xtra theme was introduced in 2018. They are small sets, usually polybags, that contains accessories specific to a theme, like Food Accessories, Street Lamps etc.
Here are all Xtra sets.

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  • 5 days, 9 hours ago Sunsetsound (269)
    Nice, but it lack some pirate set though, since this is the 30th anniversary of this line...
    • 5 days, 7 hours ago TobyMac (111K) Inventory Admin ADMIN
      This is the January wave, so let's hope for February.
      And there is a LEGO Ideas set coming with pirates
    • This list is only of confirmed sets coming in 2020. Rebrickable does not knowingly publish rumors. If pirate sets are announced later they’ll be added to this list.
  • 1 week, 2 days ago TechnicMech (4K)
    None of the new technic looks appealing (except the catamaran maybe)...Disappointed
    • The catamaran is the one that I don;t like. Looks like the floaty thingies are a 1-piece build. For the others: I'm sure they'll appeal to kids, but not really for me. I'm spoiled with the larger sets.
  • 1 week, 3 days ago Abokado (7K) MOC Designer
    except for the toy shop, the rest of the 2020 creator sets looks uninspiring :(     I also have mixed feelings about the 8 stud wide speed champions.  The friends line-up is starting too look too childish to be incorporated in my city.  What's up with Lego nowadays.

    well, at least there are plenty of mechs in ninjago and marvel so i guess i won't complain much.
  • 1 week, 3 days ago Marcus_de_Tycho (528)
    Those 8-stud-wide Speed Champions looks awesome yet weird the same time. I have almost all SC models. I will buy Ferrari, but I will consider buying the rest since it doesn't fit my collection. Maybe until some 6 stud-wide alternate builds/MOC will appear.
  • 1 week, 3 days ago Gemiini (4K) MOC Designer
    A very good article. So far, I'm waiting for Star Wars and extras.
  • 1 week, 3 days ago Pioneer4x4 (3K) MOC Designer
    Bummer, no new Harry Potter Themes :-(  
    Thanks for the write up on the upcoming sets.  I was also hoping for some interesting BrickHeadz.
    Also I noticed a small typo.

    Technic will always be special to Rebrickable. This is the theme that started the origin of this site, and because it uses a relatively low number of different parts, it's ideal to rebrick the sets into MOCs. For 20202, 8 sets have been announced so far."
  • 1 week, 3 days ago fgee (2K) MOC Designer
    The Disney princess theme uses new big ugly form pieces. AAAARRGHHH !!!!
    I've thought that the very deepest point of TLG was back in 2000. I was wrong... History tends to be repeated.
  • 1 week, 3 days ago Seabie (2K) MOC Designer
    I'm looking forward to the Creator Fire Dragon. It looks like it has some great MOC-potential.
  • 1 week, 3 days ago Lemur51 (334)
    Excited for the Audi Quattro! It's a bit strange it's 8 studs wide, but still looks pretty cool.
  • 1 week, 4 days ago Corban2011 (6K) PRO
    Aw man, so many absolutely AMAZING new sets coming soon! 😀 I can not WAIT for the new Speed Champions and City sets, those are just so cool! 😀 I wonder what this years modular building will be though... 😮 😀
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