In Part 1 I covered how to find and buy the parts you will need to build this LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. In this post, I will cover the build process and review the actual model.

But first, if you are not familiar with SpaceX I highly recommend watching this short 2 min clip of the Falcon Heavy debut flight in February 2018:


Now that all the parts have been delivered and checked, we can start building it.

As mentioned in Part 1, the list of parts utilises [No Color/Any Color] parts for anything internal that can't be seen. As you can see below, I ended up buying a mixture of colors for them based on whatever Rebrickable showed me was cheapest:

The build has many of these internal parts, used to give the rocket cores strength.

There isn't a whole lot to it, and the build finishes pretty quickly. All three cores are built together while they have similarities and then you switch to just the two side boosters. Add the top nose cones, gridfins, Merlin engines and landing legs to finish them off.

The two side boosters are identical as expected. Despite their long skinny nature, they are quite strong and easily handled.

I love how the landing legs can be folded down to stand the rocket upright. However, I had some problems with one of the cores not wanting to stand on surfaces that were too smooth. I suspect the parts used by those legs were a bit too used and loose (I buy a mixture of new and used parts to save on costs).

The centre core and interstage is built next.

You are given two options for the inter-core connections. You can use 2 x 75c10 80mm tubes, or cut a single 75c24 to get two slightly longer parts for a better fit. The designer recommends cutting the longer part and that's what I did. It felt so wrong :(

Next up you build the second stage with it's fairings.

The second stage slips easily into the top of the interstage. While it is connected and won't fall out, you can also remove it easily.

Eiffleman actually provides instructions for two different payloads - a stack of satellites typical of Falcon 9 launches, or a Tesla. It wasn't a fair choice really, but I guess you can build both if you want. I haven't included the Tesla parts in my Custom List but they are easily found from the provided building instructions. I actually made a small design change to make it easier to buy the required parts.

One more thing I love about Eiffleman's LEGO Ideas entry is that he provided designs for the stickers. While I usually don't apply stickers to LEGO sets I build, this rocket is going to be a display piece and the stickers just make it look so much better. I just printed directly onto some adhesive label sheets I had lying around. The color of the paper doesn't match the white of the LEGO parts, but from a distance you can't notice.

The completed parts of the rocket, disassembled.

And assembled. It looks better standing up, but it's easier to add horizontal photos to a web page :)

Apparently it is in the same 1:110 scale that the Saturn V rocket is, and standing them next to each other reminds me how ridiculously huge that thing was:

In terms of accuracy, the most obvious difference between this model and the real Falcon Heavy is the colors. The first one to fly (and as of writing, the only one) had the older white landing legs. However, the 57906 leg parts don't come in white, and considering future versions of the Falcon Heavy will have black landing legs I prefer them black here.

Future flights of this rocket will also have a black interstage (the center core part between booster and second stage). Replacing the large 85941 panel parts is easy except for the fact it is very rare in black, and hence very expensive. You could just replace them with several 87081 parts though. I'll probably give that a go in the future when the new version starts flying.

Alternative Models

After starting this process, I found several other models that I liked:

MOC-17641 - This Falcon 9 rocket uses Block V colors and could easily be adapted to a Falcon Heavy. I like how the legs have the more accurate triangular shape due to the extensible pistons, however they must be manually removed when folding up the legs.

MOC-19440 - Uses rotating inter-core cross braces which is a bit more accurate, and Block V colors. The booster cones are not in black, but I think there were some earlier SpaceX renderings that showed them that way.

SpaceX Ultimate Collection - A LEGO Ideas project that reached 10K votes but disappointingly did not pass review. It looks great, and comes with TEL, Dragon and Tesla models. However, there are no instructions.


So, it cost me about AU$120 to buy and deliver the nearly 400 parts. They came from 5 stores all over the world and took 4 weeks. Buying individual parts is definitely more expensive than buying a boxed LEGO set. Compare with the Saturn V which costs $170 for 1969 parts (heh), we are looking at an average of 30c/part for the MOC vs 11c/part for the Set. However you can't buy a Falcon Heavy in a box yet, so we have no choice!

The build was very straight forward, and the model is very sturdy. After adding the stickers, the final model looks awesome.

Overall, I'm very happy with my new display and conversation piece :)


  • 6 days, 15 hours ago Paulbaysden Level 3
    Hi Nathan,
    Do you still have access to the MOC for this? I can't find the correct one, and already bought one incorrect one. If so, can you send it to me via email or a link to it? I don't mind paying for it either. I just have already ordered the pieces for this one so I can't use the MOCRockets one here on rebrickable now as their build has over 200 more parts.
    • 6 days, 14 hours ago Nathan Level 28 Site Admin ADMIN
      This FH is not on Rebrickable unfortunately. I got the instructions from the LEGO Ideas site but they don't appear to be there anymore. eiffleman is a member here though, you can try sending him a private message.
    • 1 day, 4 hours ago Stevebo Level 3
      Hello Paul,
      have you had luck getting the part list/intructions?
      Thanks Steve
  • 2 months, 4 weeks ago Tonihasimoto Level 3
    Sorry for my ingenuity!
    Where I can get/purchase the instructions for the LEGO Space X falcon Heavy Rocket? Cannot find any link to the MOC!!!
    Regards and very nice job indeed :)
  • 3 months, 1 week ago spyrotechnic Level 5
    Absolutely love this build. I was actually wondering when Lego would work a deal with SpaceX or Tesla to release sets.
  • 3 months, 3 weeks ago jbongo Level 2
    Thanks for doing such a great review. I've ordered all the pieces, and plan to build it over Christmas. I also plan on printing clear vinyl stickers for it, but I can't figure out what size to actually print the stickers. I know the instructions on the Lego Idea page says to print at 150.7 x 55.7 mm, which I assume is the SpaceX logo. What size did you print the other decals?
    • 3 months, 3 weeks ago Nathan Level 28 Site Admin ADMIN
      I don't know the size, but I remember doing a lot of trial and error test prints to get it right.
  • 4 months, 1 week ago yanickbayley Level 13 MOC Designer
    I love this MOC. It looks fantastic. Let's face it, the Tesla is a much cooler payload than a satellite.
  • 1 year ago Jadedanc Level 12
    Very very nice builds! If you ever need parts, I could get them all & mail them to you all at once, if you’d like! Would save you on individual shipping costs
  • 1 year ago bot006 Level 5
    What an exceptional build! Best on whole of rebrickable!
  • 1 year ago eiffleman Level 4
    Hi -thanks for posting the build, on cutting the tube part. I agree it seems wrong but I have had to do the same with at least one official set. If I remember correctly the Lego Architecture Space Needle set included an instruction to cut the three outer tubes. The pain will fade with time :) You are right with the landing legs - available colours did restrict the choice. I was also very surprised at the strengh of the hinges to support  the separate cores. The finished build really is to scale with the Saturn V, there is actually a smallish group of people on facebook building just about every rocket that's ever flown in 1:110 scale - and making free instructions.
    • Hmmm as much as I love rockets, it won't get me to use Facebook :P
      • 1 year ago eiffleman Level 4
        I quite understand how you feel about facebook....If you were looking for more builds I have included them with all of my Ideas NASA projects in the project updates sections. The builds are for each of the projects plus a few bonus models.
  • 1 year ago MOCrockets Level 10 MOC Designer
    Thanks for the shout-out at the end! Appreciate it.  We enjoyed reading about how you documented the building process and are grateful that Rebrickable has these great features.
  • Nice! Thanks for part 2. The axles are long, i never knew LEGO had these. And i was surprised you only needed 5 orders total! My FH model (started after reading part 1) clocks in at 8 orders (5x Netherlands, 1x Belgium, Germany, Singapore) and i'll need one more because i forgot part 24947. The one from Singapore got delayed by customs for weeks, and made me appreciate how fast + cheap shipping within the EU is.

    I like how Rebrickable lets me keep track of what i have, i append Bricklink orders to my FH Part List. 

    Except i must say these features got buggy recently.. no confirmation/error but parts are not added, or get doubled. Reloading pages wont help. And then somewhere when trying to add stuff to a New (!) Custom/Part List, it wil add to an existing (the first of the list?) instead. I havent gotten around to reporting these on the forum because i needed to register another account there. Some integration to quickly report bugs so you can stay on their tail would be nice. I mention it here though, because i dont think i'm going to come around to that soon, and i found no mention of these bugs on the forum. 
  • 1 year ago astrowob Level 22
    Great build. I'm surprised about the cost, buying pieces separately (especially when no minifigs are involved) is usually cheaper. I think the price per piece here was mostly affected by the fact that a lot of pieces are large ones and of course the shipping cost.
  • Thanks for part-2 of this post, I had been looking forward to reading about the final build. I agree that it looks great standing next to the Saturn V and so much better with the stickers.
    • I agree. And its great that Eifflemann supplied stickers. I'' definately apply those. Or i might try a contour-cut (using our Cameo cutter) to avoid the white background problem.
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