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So it's been about a month since we released the Rebrickable v3 "update". I thought I'd write a quick post to bring everyone up to speed with what has happened in that month.


After the initial release, there were significant performance problems that were not revealed during testing. With some hardware upgrades and weeks of performance tuning work it is now running much better. There are still some timeouts occuring when viewing huge lists of items or trying to import massive files, but I will continue working on improving things.

To assist me with improving performance, if you have a file you are trying to import but keep getting 504 timeout errors please send me your file so I can test with it.


I won't even try to list all the changes that have been made, but my git repository tells me I have made 400 commits since release.

If you are still encountering errors, please use the Bugs Forum to report them. I do get automated error emails for some things, but not everything and emails are easily overlooked when I get thousands per day.

Next Steps

There are still plenty of fixes I need to put in place to improve performance and stability, but the major problems have been fixed. Next, I will start to focus more on improving the usability of some problem areas and add some of the features I really wanted to add but missed the v3.0 cut.




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